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Date: Sat Jan 31 1998 - 17:32:23 PST

On Sat, 31 Jan 1998, Rick H. Wesson wrote:

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> Internet Reconfiguration Concerns Federal Officials
> By Rajiv Chandrasekaran
> Washington Post Staff Writer
> Saturday, January 31, 1998; Page H01
> A University of Southern California researcher this week took the unusual
> step of rerouting many Internet address queries to a computer he runs under
> a Pentagon contract, instead of letting them go to a government-sponsored
> central facility in Herndon that usually handles the traffic.
> Without notifying the federal agencies that supervise the Internet,
> researcher Jon Postel, widely known as the father of the Internet's
> addressing system, reconfigured at least half of the Internet's 12 key
> directory information computers to get their data exclusively from his
> computer instead of the Herndon center, which possesses the one
> authoritative worldwide list of Internet addresses, according to government
> officials.

mr.weson thank you very much for providing us with this very interesting
and importend information

the things are looking as they are in process to "escalate"

what ever hapens i am on the side of dr.postel
i may have respect for the american governments departement officers
but i see them not qualifyd inaf to "rule" the internet

dr.postel is not in proces to "split the net" but to prevent that some
unqualifide persons get the control over the internet and "privatize" them


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