PAB Comments on Green Paper

Robert F. Connelly (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:44:43 +0900

Concerning the Green Paper references under the heading "The Trademark Dilemma", we would like to enter the following comments:

The first two paragraphs state, "The job of policing trademarks could be considerably easier..." have substantial fruit for our comments. The first of those paragraphs describes how poorly the Whois function works for Intellectual Property professionals. The Green Paper describes and prescribes just what CORE offers in the SRS, a "robust and flexible search tool..."

The Green Paper describes the type of procedure which was proposed in the gTLD-MoU and which CORE is building into the SRS. Intellectual Property professionals will be able to download batches of new listings from CORE on a daily basis. These can then be subjected to the algorithms used by well known international "trademark watch" systems. As noted in the Green Paper text, the present use of Whois limits these services to slow and tedious searches -- resulting in an overloaded service -- thus slowing the services available to the general Internet public.

Other registries should be required to provide such a service. The present system available for .com, .org and .net are woefully inadequate. We would hope that such a requirement is added to the recommendations for *all* existing and proposed registries subject to the Green Paper.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert F. Connelly

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