PAB Comments on Green Paper

Robert F. Connelly (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:45:19 +0900

To Whom it May Concern:

Appendix 1, "Registrar requirements", makes no mention of Warehousing and
cybersquatting.  An important feature of the requirements of the CORE-MoU is
that CORE Registrars are *strictly prohibited* from warehousing or
cybersquatting, specifically "registering SLDs for their own account or for
accounts of an Affiliate for the purpose of trafficking in SLDs for sale,
resale or transfer to applicants." (Article 5 (j)).  CORE believes that such a
provision is essential to the self governance of the Internet.  The absence of
such a provision from the BP is a serious fault. 

If Registrars were to traffic in SLDs, there would be cases of "front running"
in which a Registrar would register (block) a name in anticipation of a request
from a client.  Further, Registrars would be in a commanding position to
register for highly desirable SLDs at the minimum cost, risking no more than
the charge levied by the Registry.  The potential economic return can be very
tempting!  ;-}

Respectfully submitted,
Robert F. Connelly

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