PAB Comments on Magaziner Paper.

Robert F. Connelly (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:45:46 +0900

To Whom it May Concern:

The Green Paper preserves NSI in the commanding position of being Registry and Registrar with a thin veil between them, managing three highly esteemed, well known gTLDs. The GP then creates five weak net entities each limited to one hitherto unknown gTLD. It would be difficult to imagine creating a more effective system to assure the success of behemoth NSI and the failure of most if not all of the new registries.

At the just completed Internet meeting in Los Angeles, Donald Telage, Senior Vice President for Network solutions, claimed that the Green Paper solution was the proposal that NSI submitted to the USG Interagency Task Force back in October, 1997.

If such be the case, and Mr. Telage so stated in a public Internet venue, it would appear that NSI has deliberately plotted to bring about the failure of "most if not all of the new registries", as I have suggested, above.

The next section of the GP deals with IANA's potential liabilities:

CORE has already realized the need for protecting IANA and/or the proposed "new corporation" from exposure to "considerable liability...". CORE has immediate plans to build a defense fund to support IANA from liability suits.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert F. Connelly