PAB NSI Welcomes Domain Policy

Sascha Ignjatovic (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 05:11:29 +0200 (MET DST)

NSI Welcomes Domain Policy
by Jennifer Sullivan

4:32pm 5.Jun.98.PDT
Network Solutions Inc. (NSOL) --
the company currently holding
the monopoly on Internet
domain-name assignment and
registration through a
government contract -- greeted
with open arms today the Clinton
administration's new policy on
how to overhaul the domain name

by all respect for the achievemetns know how and power of the NSI and
their desayer to be heavily involved in the formation of the new dns/ip
organisation they can not be "to heavy" within this organisation
becouse they are very selfish and primitive in their basic understanding
of the internet

we should really help the busines world to understand that the paradigm of
competition hase to change to the paradigm of cooperation if we like to
have some intelligent and efective economie for the 21 centaury

imagine the internet without cooperation only driven by competition !?
internet would not exists at all !

internet IS COOPERATION by definition

the behaviour of the NSI is really not in the mood of the internet and
it is a shame for a company wich claims to be on the top of internet
not to have such basic understanding of the cooperation and sharing
nature of the internet

its like the big scientists who hase powerful brains but go engry when you
ask them how the universe could come up out of nothing surounden by
"nothing" :-) they deal every day with the universe but they can not
understand that the universe can not comme out of nothing
-big brains but the simplest thing they dont understand :-)

nsi is dealing with internet by traying to hold their monopoly on dns
registration for some global domains in such a primitive and shamles way
that it is really a farce that such behaviour is tolerated by the internet
community as a "legitime" behaviour

sharing is more satisfactory than collecting !
it is such a simple understanding !

try it out and see !

sascha ignjatovic
individual member
internet society

ps.those are mine personal vuews and dont represent officialy any other
person or organisation

pps.i am sorry for this harsh and direct words but they are sayed
"out of love" we hope all that the nsi/saic would becomme a
partner and positiv factor in the history of the internet