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Kent Crispin (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 11:44:06 -0700

On Sun, Jun 07, 1998 at 03:59:28AM +0200, Sascha Ignjatovic wrote:
> mr.crispin do you know how the situation would proceed?

Prior to the release of the White Paper Jon Postel and some others
spent time defining how the "non-profit" organization would look.
Now that the WP has been released I expect that work will proceed
very rapidly. There has been talk of a neutral third party from an
organization known as the "Aspen Institute" acting as a coordinator.

After some jockying around by major players (POC, NSI, etc) an
interim board will probably be selected, pretty much following the
model that Jon has been working on. This new board will make some
decisions, then the real board will be selected.

The problem here is that everything depends on the details. I don't
know how those will turn out at this point. I don't think anyone

We all know, however, that every bit of delay puts more money in
NSI's pocket.

> would it be useful to wait until something comes out of the iana in
> transition or should we make a "officail" request for advice to the
> iana and isoc about what next specialy for pab pritty soon-just for
> orientation

The WP only came out on Friday, Sascha. Maybe we ought to give
people a few days to read and think about it before we start
pestering them about what it means.

> thanks
> sascha
> ps.or what you all could sugest us in this moments ?
> but i will see it that beyond personal contacts some of you have with
> the kay people and get their infos direct from them some kind of
> "pab request" could be maded to the poc and also to iana and isoc
> what will be the next thing so that the pab could see in wich
> direction to think -will pab stop to "exists" or will it be evolved in
> something else or whatever ?
> is there something interesting going on on the poc mailing list?

I will report on that in a separate message.

> i know that things are in progress and they are needing time but
> it would be nice to read soon some statement or to receive some
> internal comments on situation from our "mother" organisations !
> thanks

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