PAB POC report

Kent Crispin (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 15:40:21 -0700

POC activities prior to the WP were rather humdrum, IMO. Lots of
discussion about what the WP might bring -- the rumors floating
around POC about the content of the WP were fairly accurate, as it
turns out, but no one could be sure, and there was some discussion of
contingency plans in case the WP was drastically different than

The uncertainty made detailed planning rather difficult. There was
some work in planning the "Internet Names Summit", to be held in
conjunction with INET in Geneva in July, but that's still fairly
fluid. There was also considerable discussion about a position paper
to be delivered to IANA, describing the philosophical underpinings of
the POC/PAB/CORE model.

Friday afternoon POC had a telecon to discuss the WP. The first
inclination was to publish a bold press release, proposing a
conference. But the logistic and political difficulties in such a
proposal made it seem like not such a good idea. POC will probably
put out a fairly non-commital press release Monday or Tuesday.

The Green Paper was full of detailed policies. The White Paper is
almost empty. Everything is left to the IANA corporation to decide,
which in turn means that the next great battle will be getting seats
on the interim board of directors.

I have no information about the conduct of that process. You can
imagine that it will be highly political...

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