PAB nIANA facts

Oscar A. Robles Garay (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 19:03:45 -0500 (CDT)

The new website for the IANA says:

"IANA will be incorporated in the United States. Additional offices,
particularly in other countries, may be added. The main reason for this is to
maintain continuity of Internet operations. This has the advantage of not
creating new and unexpected jurisdictional problems and IANA will function
on an international basis. It also allows for continuity of staffing if the
Board so chooses."

So, there is no discussion about where IANA will be allocated. But, every country could create their own IANA (under their own laws... oh, it scares me!) to do whatever they wants...
In other words, it is granting another governments to take the slice of the big cake...
Am I right ?

Also, this FAQ says:

"In the past, the United States government subsidized the cost of addresses
and domain names to users around the world. Funding to continue the Internet
must now come from the users. The Internet economy will dictate prices. The
United States Government is expected to oversee operations for a period of
time until pricing and management is secure"

Then, the USG under the US law will be watching the operations...

Is it already decided, or there is something to decide ?

Oscar Alejandro
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