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Mark Measday (
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 16:43:15 +0100

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In reference to Mr Crispin's request, I thought your clever idea was to
let IFWP friends reinvent the work the POC/CORE people did so well so that
the participants could feel the necessary levels of ownership and
inclusion to allow the process to progress. Hence, I heard it
hypothesised, the silence and the contented wait, due to the fact that
there isn't any way to allocate a global resource other than by
consultation with the interested parties, whose predictable interests will
lead to a predicated result. I hope you planned the clever dénouement,



Kent Crispin wrote:

> Folks, I have forwarded some messages to the PAB list expressing
> concerns about the "IFWP process". Those are my personal
> expressions, of course, and are not meant to express the sentiment of
> PAB.
> But I am curious to know what the sentiment of PAB is. The Green
> Paper and the White Paper have effectively blocked the MoU from
> progressing, and, as has been expressed several times, we are thrown
> back in time a year and a half. Probably within the next six months a
> new IANA will be formed, and then a "names council" (Jon Postel's
> term), and then at some point some new TLDs will be added. This new
> structure will almost certainly incorporate elements of the the MoU,
> since the MoU basically covered a lot of the ground pretty well.
> PAB is the body that most directly represents the 200 odd signatories
> of the MoU -- POC and CORE cannot make that claim -- and an official
> PAB position potentially carries significant weight.
> The question: is there an interest in PAB in forming a position on
> the matter of the "new IANA"? A collective PAB position could be very
> influential: the list of MoU signatories is an impressive list.
> I honestly have no particular ax to grind in this matter -- I will,
> as always, express my personal opinions in various places. But I
> think the collective voice of those who have supported the MoU should
> have an opportunity to be heard, if it wishes to speak.
> Comments, please.
> --
> Kent Crispin, PAB Chair "No reason to get excited",
> the thief he kindly spoke...
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