RE: PAB Should we speak?

Roberto Gaetano (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:35:17 +0200


You wrote (on the PAB list):

> Is there anyone on the list who wants to discuss separating PAB,CORE and
> POC? We have held on to a structure in the hopes of replacing NSI. This
> has not happened. Let us do what is most effective to increase the domain
> space without sacrificing stability.
Shouldn't this be more appropriate for the CORE list?

I guess that some things may change in the near future, basically due to the
fact that the original idea of one single non-for-profit registry seems not
to be viable anymore (see POC's Open Letter to IANA, for instance, and the
White Paper).

This raises several questions, like:
- Is CORE "the" Committee of *all* Registrars, or just "a" Committee of
*some* Registrars?
- What is the relationship between being Registrar and being "co-owner" of
one or more Registries?
- Is the POC "the" Policy Oversight Committee for *the whole* Internet, or
just the Policy Oversight Committee of the CORE Registrar+Registry?

I think it will be fair to ask the people who put the money in the process
(CORE Registrars) what they think.