RE: PAB Should we speak?

Bob Helfant (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 10:51:54 -0400

I believe we will be one of many Registries and CORE registrars will also
be registrars for the other registries. POC will not be the oversight
committee for the entire Internet, just CORE if we so choose. PAB will not
be the Policy Advisory Body for the entire Internet, just for CORE if we so
choose. My guess is that if we keep to the current MoU model, we will be a
Registry with more red tape than we know what to do with.


At 04:35 PM 7/13/98 +0200, Roberto Gaetano wrote:
>You wrote (on the PAB list):
>> Is there anyone on the list who wants to discuss separating PAB,CORE and
>> POC? We have held on to a structure in the hopes of replacing NSI. This
>> has not happened. Let us do what is most effective to increase the domain
>> space without sacrificing stability.
>Shouldn't this be more appropriate for the CORE list?
>I guess that some things may change in the near future, basically due to the
>fact that the original idea of one single non-for-profit registry seems not
>to be viable anymore (see POC's Open Letter to IANA, for instance, and the
>White Paper).
>This raises several questions, like:
>- Is CORE "the" Committee of *all* Registrars, or just "a" Committee of
>*some* Registrars?
>- What is the relationship between being Registrar and being "co-owner" of
>one or more Registries?
>- Is the POC "the" Policy Oversight Committee for *the whole* Internet, or
>just the Policy Oversight Committee of the CORE Registrar+Registry?
>I think it will be fair to ask the people who put the money in the process
>(CORE Registrars) what they think.