Re: PAB Message base

Robert F. Connelly (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:55:23 +0900

At 01:33 PM 7/24/98 -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
>"Dan Cohen, CTT Inc." writes:
>> I propose that we move the discussion onto a threaded web-based
>> board.
>Not everyone here likes using the web for their messaging.
Dear PAB members:

There are counter rotating issues involved in this proposal.

Which PAB members know about "Dr. Bono's six thinking hats?" Perry comes
forth instantly with a "black" hat, why it won't work.

I think we need a few weeks of "green hat" thinking. Sometimes called
"lateral thinking" or "brain storming", I think there is a place for Dan's
proposal. Or as William would say, "There's *some* meat on this bone.



Kent adds his US$0.02:

Modern mail clients support threads quite handily. I recommend
"mutt" -- freely available on Unix platforms.

[Kent, how does that differ from Eudora v.4.0.1? Not everyone has UNIX at

> Plus, once the information is on the web site, it will
> be easier to create links to translate the messages for the international
> readership.

The messages are archived on the web. I have an archive on my pab
site (, and there is an archive available from
the MoU site.

[Great, I'll visit soon. Regards, BobC]

P.P.S. Dan responds, I think we have a thread goin' ;-}

Any votes that come directly to my mailbox (no need to broadcast your vote
to the list) over the next week will be tabulated and the results shared.
a.) no change (listserver delivery)
b.) USENet newsgroup
c.) web-based discussion

[Do we have to look at Dan's proposal as an either/or option? What would
Dan propose that Kent has not already accommodated? BobC]