The most common service we provide is what we call a virtual host. A "virtual host" is intended to give the external appearance, the the extent that is technically feasible, of a separate unique computer sitting on the Internet, and dedicated to your purposes. This costs $10/month, plus setup. It includes support for your own domain name (though domain registration itself is a separate expense), access to private log files and cgi-bin space, multiple email addresses, self-signed ssl server access, and so on.

Some services are extra -- eg, email lists; secure server access to your own domain with your own certificate from a recognized Certificate Authority. Contact us for details.

A shell account is included, though any use of a shell account that is not associated with web hosting is discouraged. Updating of web pages is via scp or ftp. No FrontPage, ASP, or other vendor-specific support is available.

If you need help setting up the pages to begin with we can negotiate an amount, or recommend good people to help you.

Either you or Songbird can terminate this agreement at any time. Note that customers are required to follow a few simple policies.

We also offer advanced Web consulting, including network security, server setup and management, more complicated or extensive page development, total web site management, custom CGI development, custom programming, and other internet services. The base rate is $100/hour. Network security consulting is $120/hour. If the site is hosted at Songbird, there is a strong possibility of a substantial "regular customer" discount.

Songbird has a strong committment to the ideal of the Internet as a public service, and hosts several organizations for free. Such arrangements are discretionary.

If you are interested contact us via email at webmaster@songbird.com and we can make appropriate arrangements.

For a more complete description of these services, go here

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