Re: [ncc-charter] charter amendment - non-voting members?

From: Milton Mueller (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 07:22:03 PDT

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    Political fact:
    Any attempt to remove this language will result in a huge fight that will
    cripple all charter-related activity and indeed all progress in this
    constituency for several months. We entered into this charter revision to
    make a few minor changes regarding alternates/replacements in order to
    allow an election to be held. The election is already delayed.

    This whole topic must be dropped and dropped now.

    Repeat: any attempt to alter this language, which was fundamental to the
    formation of the NCC and led to a major battle in its formation, is out of
    bounds at this time. We can and should deal with it later, but we need to
    get on with the election.

    At 01:16 PM 9/5/2000 +0900, you wrote:
    > >> *We recognize that some organizations that are non-profit and engage
    > >> *in non-commercial activities may be eligible for other DNSO
    > >> *constituencies, but in order to focus the efforts of the NCDNHC,
    > >> *such organizations are eligible for voting membership in the NCDNHC
    > >> *only if they are not voting members in any other DNSO Constituency.
    > >> *Non-voting members can participate in the discussion list, submit
    > >> *proposals to the Constituency and participate in all open
    > >> *teleconference calls and physical meetings.

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