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Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 00:48:07 PDT

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    fine for me

    On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Adam Peake wrote:

    > Rob, Dany, Milton, thanks for your comments.
    > One more stab at this below. I've left in the preceding paragraph which
    > also sets rules on membership and exclusion.
    > I made a change (see *) which I hope will satisfy Dany's concern.
    > Wording is clumsy (so what's new!) but overall I hope it reflects what
    > various people have asked for.
    > Note, I used "should not" rather the "cannot" re. participation in Adcom
    > calls to give room for the Adcom to invite a non voting members if such
    > need arose.
    > Thanks,
    > Adam
    > The membership of the NCDNHC specifically excludes commercial
    > entities and associations of or for the benefit of commercial
    > entities (even if they are non-commercial in form), and also
    > excludes organizations which use the Internet primarily for
    > commercial activity, even if their other activities are
    > non-commercial.
    > The NCDNHC will have two types of membership, voting members and
    > non-voting members.
    > Associations or organizations whose specific goals are to represent
    > the interests of registries, registrars or ISPs or those whose
    > specific interests are to defend the Intellectual Property rights of
    > their associates cannot have full member status but may participate
    > as non-voting members.
    > Non-voting members can participate in Constituency discussion lists,
    > propose and discuss resolutions and participate in all physical
    > meetings. *Non-voting members have no voting rights in the
    > constituency and its processes* and should not participate in
    > constituency Adcom teleconference calls.
    > We understand that many subgroups have separate interests and a
    > separate voice from their parent organizations. Those subgroups are
    > welcome to participate fully and actively in the Constituency as
    > non-voting members.
    > [New Text]
    > |Political organizations that are non-governmental are eligible for
    > |voting status. A political organization shall be considered
    > |"non-governmental" if its primary purpose is to influence governmental
    > |or public policy, but not to hold governmental offices or to elect
    > |government officials. Ineligible political organizations are those
    > |whose primary purpose is to hold government offices and/or elect
    > |government officials. In unclear or borderline cases, the voting status
    > |of a political organization will be decided by the constituency
    > |membership after review of the application on its merits.
    > III. Organizational Principles ...

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