PAB New Domain Naming system

Adam Waldron (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:47:34 -0700

To Whom it may concern:

Since new domain levels are going to be added, why not add a
domain name strictly for adult content? Parents, and schools would save
money on net filtering software, and the frequent updates. I have seen
the problems with filtering. Every day there is a new adult site added
that isn't on the "list". An adult domain name would allow users to
simply block one domain.
I don't see why anybody would argue against this proposal. It
wouldn't even be censorship. Those who wanted to would be free to post
to this domain, while those who wish to keep such material out of there
homes or institutions could easily do so. I know this wouldn't stop
other methods such as IRC etc, but it would control some of the content
on the web. I like many other people are tired of performing searches
only to stumble upon pornography. I have seen children do it dozens of
times, and once is all it takes. Those searching and posting adult
material might also benefit. They could limit their searches to one
domain, and have a forum where they could freely post.
I would appreciate you sincerely thinking over this idea. If
there are objections or obstacles that are escaping me please let me


Adam T. Waldron