Re: PAB New Domain Naming system

Teddy A. Purwadi (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:41:01 +0700

At 17:47 23/03/98 -0700, Adam Waldron wrote:
>To Whom it may concern:
> Since new domain levels are going to be added, why not add a
>domain name strictly for adult content? Parents, and schools would save
>money on net filtering software, and the frequent updates. I have seen
>the problems with filtering. Every day there is a new adult site added
>that isn't on the "list". An adult domain name would allow users to
>simply block one domain.


> I don't see why anybody would argue against this proposal. It
>wouldn't even be censorship. Those who wanted to would be free to post
>to this domain, while those who wish to keep such material out of there
>homes or institutions could easily do so. I know this wouldn't stop
>other methods such as IRC etc, but it would control some of the content
>on the web. I like many other people are tired of performing searches
>only to stumble upon pornography. I have seen children do it dozens of
>times, and once is all it takes. Those searching and posting adult
>material might also benefit. They could limit their searches to one
>domain, and have a forum where they could freely post.
> I would appreciate you sincerely thinking over this idea. If
>there are objections or obstacles that are escaping me please let me

I propose new additonal domain for gTLD, as and/or
Then we agree not to allow them to have another domain except as mention as

>Adam T. Waldron

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