About Songbird

Songbird provides information and network services, including low cost Web service, network consulting, and custom web applications.

Songbird is set up to best serve small to medium sites -- home pages for individuals, artists, and small businesses -- especially small Internet-based businesses. We offer extensive support for individuals doing web development for others.

Rates for web page development and consulting contracts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. See our rates for hosting web pages, and similar services.

Why should you consider Songbird? There are several thousand small ISPs now, all competing vigorously, many offering excellent prices and service. What does Songbird offer that the others don't?

The short answer is: nothing. There are many similar companies that are just as good as Songbird, by any objective measure. But bear in mind the following -- you didn't search the world over to find your best friends. Your best friendships are fundamentally happy accidents -- chance combinations of compatibility, shared experience, and time.

Likewise, it is meaningless to find the "best" possible ISP. A more appropriate approach is to verify that the ISP meets your technical/financial requirements, and then use your intuition about who you will be comfortable with. Bear in mind that business relationships on the Net are frequently long distance affairs, across national borders and in different legal jurisdictions and consequently depend more on good will and common sense and less on legal guarantees. At Songbird a primary goal is to do business with people we like and respect -- it isn't worth the game, otherwise.

Note that Songbird requires customers to abide by some simple policies.

Songbird Internet Services is owned and managed by Kent Crispin.


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